At Carter Hughes Davies we offer a full service from start to finish. We can handle everything from carrying out surveys and drawing up architectural plans, right through to overseeing the actual construction and completion of your project. Depending on the building and what you need done, we can do as much or as little as you require. Below, you can find out more about all our main services…

architectural plan

Architectural design
We create attractive and original buildings that are practical and meet your brief. Using the latest CAD software, our skilled architects will start bringing your vision to life while taking into account all the key factors such as space, construction, materials, sustainability, planning, listed building status, building regulations and, of course, cost.

Interior design
Working with Libby Carter & Co, we can design interiors to express your architecture and taste in décor. By engaging Libby Carter & Co early on, we’ll maximise your space, plan for small details such as electric socket locations, and deliver an interior with colours, materials, lighting, textures and furnishing that harmonise with the structure. Find out more here.

All projects need a land and/or building survey. They are needed for design purposes and must also be shown to the local planning authority during the application process.

Party wall surveys
Party wall surveys are essential if you wish to avoid disputes and/or unfounded claims from those adjoining your property. We are fully qualified to advise you of your rights under the Party Wall Act 1996.

Project briefing
Whether it’s the conversion of a small building, or the construction of a new block of flats, the success of your project relies on a good project brief. Thanks to our years of experience, we are experts at producing project briefings, which bring everyone involved in a project up to speed. The architect, and any other consultants, will refer back to the project brief throughout. As such, it needs to take into account not just the building and how it’s going to look, but the construction method, the use of space, how it relates to other structures, and the logistics and timeline. When we write a project brief, it will be clear and unambiguous, reducing the risk of misunderstandings as the design work progresses.

3D render, modern home design

Feasibility studies
Can it be done? Can it be done within planning regulations? Can it be done on budget? Is it worth doing? They are important questions that need to be answered, particularly if your project is large and complex. We’ll work with you and draft plans for what you want done. Then we’ll analyse how feasible they are, taking into account the initial build cost, the site itself, likely scheduling of work, local planning policy and the eventual re-sale value of the property when it’s finished. If it stacks up financially, we can go ahead and if not we can look at other ways of achieving your goals.

Negotiating with local planning authorities
The sketches and scheme designs might look beautiful, with wonderful concepts behind them, but they’ll be worthless if the council won’t give you planning permission. With our years of experience working in the Bath, Frome and Bristol areas, we can not only advise you early on about what is likely to be acceptable and what isn’t, but we can negotiate with local planning authorities on your behalf to help make your dreams come true.

Principal Designer services
The role of Principal Designer is an important designation under the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations of 2015. For any new project that has more than one contractor, the client must appoint a Principal Designer. At Carter Hughes Davies we are qualified and experienced in carrying out this role and can advise you on all the requirements of the CDM regulations. We can give advice on health and safety, and can prepare pre-construction information and the Health and Safety File. Breaking CDM regulations is a criminal offence.

Contract administration
As you can probably tell, our services don’t start and finish with surveys and architectural drawings. At Carter Hughes Davis we are experienced project managers, and contract administration is a key part of this. Because we’ve worked with various construction contractors in the Bath, Bristol and Frome area for over 35 years, we know which companies to trust, and which ones to avoid. We can give you advice on tendering the various aspects of your project. Or, we can manage the entire process for you, preparing contract specifications, inviting builders to tender, and preparing contract documents. We’ll be out there on site reviewing the work, carrying out monthly valuations, making sure contract deadlines are met, and that budgets are kept to.